Fill my cup and let it overflow

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed? According to, overwhelmed can mean “to load, heap, treat, or address with an overpowering or excessive amount of anything”. I am less than one week from departing home and I feel completely overwhelmed with love and support. My tenure at the local gym is now complete (at least for a year) and I’ve spoken about my impending journey to my home congregation at Trinity Lutheran Church (shout out!) and both places have left me feeling wholly blessed. No handshake, hug, or kind word has been for not; indeed, I cherish all the of the encouragement that has been sent my way in the last week. To be sure, there is no better way to shake away my doubts and jitters and to send me off with confidence and Spirit! Thank you to you, just on the other side of this screen!

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2 Responses to Fill my cup and let it overflow

  1. Wayne and Terry says:

    Wayne’s mom quoted the ” when one door closes……..” quite often! We will patiently wait to hear about what is going on behind your “another” door.

  2. LaShae Michels says:

    Jen, you have the ability to fill the lives of others. Not every person has that gift. Follow your heart and it will not lead you wrong. We miss you dearly and wish you the best!

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